Events and Workshops

Workshops and classes hosted at The Anima Mundi Project support the principles that our physical wellness, our psychological experiences, and the environment we inhabit are all interconnected; and that the health and balance of one adds to the health and balance of the totality. This totality is captured in the project's name-- Anima Mundi-- which is Greek for world soul. All of our classes contribute to nurturing a soul-filled connection to our world. Teachers that choose to offer workshops within our umbrella have their own expertise, specializations, and approaches to wellness and growth.

We celebrate the depths of psyche, the flow of the true present, and a transcendent alignment with spirit and divinity. Wellness and growth comes from each dwelling place.

Paths to Transformation

Depth -- Presence -- Transendence



Jungian Theory & the Complexity of Psyche

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Carl Jung pioneered a model of understanding psychological and communal experience through the lush world of archetypal stories, myths, traditions, and images. The personal ego is the tip of an iceberg. This collective repository is the ice stretching down into the depths of the ocean.

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We come to know the world through our senses: what we see, taste, touch, smell, hear. When we attune to these ways of knowing without the interruptions of our "psychological clutter," we find find a sense of unity, peace, and clarity.

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Spiritual Exploration

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What exists beyond our own experiences and physical limits?   How do we come to understand time, space, and unity within a world that preexists our birth and extends beyond our death?

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