Working with clients

I am of course a doctor, yet more than that: I am concerned with the salvation of mankind, for I am also a doctor of the soul.
— 1943, C.G. Jung, letter to Arnold Kunzli

My work as a psychotherapist follows the ancient meaning of psychology. The word, itself, is built from two Greek root words, psyche and logos. Psyche refers to soul; logos to the science of, or methodical study of. When we explore psychology in this way, we can see that what we are interested in is the study of soul – our souls, our unique ways of being in the world.

Deciding to seek therapy may coincide with intensely painful or difficult situations. However, even negative emotions and actions can guide us toward wellness when they are reflected upon in a safe and confidential relationship with a therapist. A key goal is to help you build a sense of hope and confidence in your ability to both change and heal. Together, we will explore how your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings affect you in the here and now and also how they have come to be due to familial and personal history. I offer a straightforward and thoughtful approach that values and accepts the complex facets of what makes us who we are. We will practice the skill of recognizing your strengths and imperfections with honesty and kindness, even when faced with shadow pieces of ourselves we try to suppress or ignore. We all have feelings and emotions—we just don’t want them to have us!

I see clients who struggle with feelings of depression and anxiety, who suffer from the disruptive effects of a mood disorder, as well as those who feel the need to deepen a sense of purpose and satisfaction in their lives and relationships. Clients who work with me benefit from the depth and diversity of my clinical training, which includes psychodynamic, Jungian, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), and gestalt psychotherapies. I also have expertise with biologically-based disorders and value the importance of medication management.

We can build connection to our unique nature and inner wisdom in many ways, including dreamwork, the mind-body connection, and artistic expression. By learning to hear the psychological message underneath our thoughts, actions, and emotions we can be freed from feeling victimized by our own moods. Investing in yourself in this way will bring a deepened sense of confidence and direction and improve the quality of your emotional life and relationships.

Supervising Independent Social Worker (LISW-S), State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage &Family Therapist Board, License # I.009859.SUPV