The Anima Mundi Project

Friends gather at a well-tended place, and together prepare a way for humanity.”
— Confucious

The Anima Mundi Project is a holistic curated workshop space located in the historic Rockefeller Building in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. We host opportunities for intellectual discovery, personal development, and community-building. Anima Mundi is Greek for world soul. The goal of The Anima Mundi Project is to nurture soulful connections to our community and widen ripples of change in our ways of being in the world.


Guiding Principles

What happens when we infuse our communities with sacred space, our businesses with numinous connection? We can evolve, as individuals and as communities, through the soul-filled connection to anima mundi, to world soul.

We hold a core belief that our physical wellness, our psychological experiences, and the environment we inhabit are all interconnected, and that the health and balance of one adds to the health and balance of the totality.

We celebrate the depths of psyche, the flow of the true present, and a transcendent alignment with spirit and divinity. Wellness and growth comes from each dwelling place.

We strive to hold the inevitable tension between the need for differentiation and distinction inherent in the masculine principle of logos, and the need for connectivity and depth inherent in the feminine principle of eros.

Why Cleveland Heights

Cleveland Heights, OH is a model of diversity that faces the challenges that come with multiculturalism and mixed socioeconomic status. And we are the better for it. The architecture, natural beauty, eclectic neighborhoods, and committed residents combine in an alchemical mystery that makes this city one of the nation's most precious suburban gems.

The Inspiration: Eranos

Eranos has come into existence at a time when the collective unconscious is peculiarly disturbed, and is breaking through all over the world in religious, political, social, and other manifestations. Historically and astrologically, we live in a period of transition from one age to another—from one side of the Zodiac to the another—from the sign of Fishes into that of Aquarius, and this constellation causes all the upheavals in the world today.
— Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn
Eranos .jpeg

The words above, unfortunately, ring true today, even though they date from 1939 when the world was on the brink of war. Yet, remarkably, it is within this tumultuous political era that a shining star of multidisciplinary intellectual scholarship began. International thought leaders from the worlds of religious studies, physics, biology, psychology, and the humanities came together to share ideas and gain new inspiration each year in Ascona, Switzerland. These gatherings were called the Eranos Conferences. They still continue today.

These conferences serve as inspiration for the Anima Mundi Project. What seeds can progressive academics and practitioners plant when our energies combine within an alchemical vessel of physical space? What will the legacy of our intellectual community be? What contributions can we make to what is already a special city with unique energy of its own?  These are exciting questions amidst a particularly disturbed time, as Ms. Fröbe-Kapteyn so eloquently described above.

Eranos as dream continues to evolve, to individuate, pulled by the calling of the future, informed by soul bodies of the past, and, most elementally, informed by the spirit of the place .... The entity itself individuates, as do those implicated in her evolution. Her “becoming” pushes our own further development.
— Stephen Aizenstat on Eranos