Renting Space

Renting workshop space with The Anima Mundi Project includes two aspects that make it different than other spaces:

Mailing list and Web Presence

Renting workshop space with us offers you presence on our website and Facebook pages. Furthermore, you receive the benefit of our ever-expanding mailing list so that your reach to potential participants increases. The more workshops we hold, the bigger that list becomes.

Opportunities for Collaboration with Other Practitioners

Often, holistic practitioners with unique skill sets and niches do not get to collaborate with others, yet the sum of our efforts would be greater than its parts. A goal of The Anima Mundi Project is to to nurture soulful connections to our community and widen ripples of change in our ways of being in the world. Professional networking and shared ideas are a powerful way to build a unique energy in our city.

Workshop space:

  • Capacity for 15
  • Flexible space: use tables, chairs, or clear the space for meditation
  • Access to beautiful outdoor space
  • All-day parking for $1
  • Audiovisual capabilities with surround sound

Or call Hallie directly at 216.916.2070