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Astrology and Psyche: Your Unique Connection to the Cosmos

  • The Anima Mundi Project 3109 Mayfield Road Cleveland Heights OH (map)

Astrology is a rich and deeply symbolic language that has the potential to become an ever-evolving tool by which to come to know and understand yourself. Your birth chart is the pictorial landscape of your inner psyche that allows you to observe a narrative larger than your current understanding of the story of your life.

When overlaid on an archetypal foundation, astrology can provide direction, link the deepest part of who you are to the cosmos, help identify your unique nature, and point the way toward personal and spiritual growth.

Join together with others to discover how the “gods of the psyche” may make themselves known through a metaphorical look at this ancient intuitive art.

  • Understand astrology as an unparalleled tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual development.Learn how to read the natal chart as a unique blueprint for the interior self
  • Recognize the unique building blocks of one's personal reality
  • Contemplate Jung's involvement with astrology, including the ancient, medieval, and modern sources he drew upon

COST: $40

Participants will want to have a hardcopy of their astrological birth chart by inputing their birth data (birth date, birth time, and birth location) into


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Bethany Ward has traversed a long and meaningful career helping others creatively interpret and courageously explore their spiritual journeys. She is a former religious professional and active Spiritual Director who seamlessly blends the grounded application of spiritual counsel with the vast richness of practical mysticism. With over twenty years of experience as a Tarot reader and Psycho-Astrologer, Bethany brings both wisdom and wonder to the work of personal and spiritual development.